The Company's Symbol

1. They symbol is based on the shape of a diamond, implying that the energy is precious. The "diamond" radiates like a sun, indicating that the energy is inclusive to all;

2. The upper part of the “diamond” is in the color of orange to imply the light and heat, while the bottom part is in blue to imply the new and clean energy;

3. The orange and blue indicates the combination of heat and nature; moreover, the orange color implies enthusiasm while blue implies peace and perfection.


Serve the society and contribute to brightness

The mission of a company is the fundamental reason for its existence, the strategic position of its business and the deep connotation and values of its work.


To build a first-class modern comprehensive energy service company

The vision is the company's development orientation, the grand expectation of the whole company and the ultimate pursuit of its work.

Development Principles

Ensure rapid development as the company expands itself and follow a path of sustainable development;

Deepen reform as the business upgrades and follow a path of high-quality development;

Prepare for future development as it solves realistic problems and take short-term and long-term goals into consideration during the development process;

Maximize the profits of the shareholders and employees while ensuring prosperous development and follow a path of harmonious development.