Business Overview

The company is a comprehensive vertical power supply and service provider for Yibin, Sichuan Province, whose businesses covering the whole value chain of power supply including power generation, distribution and sales. The company serves certain regions and has a solid customer base. It also delivers services concerning power engineering construction as well as integrated energy services.

Power Generation

The company owns 35 hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 138.68 MW. The average power generation capacity was 624,772 MWH
in the first three years.

Power Supply

The company's power supply service covers two districts and five counties under the jurisdiction of Yibin, namely Cuiping District, Xuzhou District, Gaoxian County, Gongxian County, Junlian County, Xingwen County, Pingshan County and other neighboring regions. Its service covers an area totaled 9,254 square kilometers, accounting for 68.6 percent of the Yibin’s jurisdiction. The company owns a 220 kV transformer substation with a capacity of 180 MVA, nineteen 110 kV transformer substations with a capacity of 922MVA transmitting a length of 530 kilometers, fifty-nine 35 kV transformer substations with a total capacity of 550.85 MVA transmitting a length of 1,000 kilometers, and 9,108 kilometers power distribution lines at 10 kV. Its power supply serves 3.17 million people in Yibin, accounting for 57.3 percent of the city’s population. The company has built a 110 kV power grid covering its electric supply areas.

Power Grid Operation and Maintenance

Its business includes installment, debugging and maintenance of power equipment as well as examination of power equipment and materials sales.

Comprehensive Energy Service

The main business includes serving as an agent for electricity purchasing, added-value service, and the construction of electric distribution network. It also deals with planning and designing of energy facilities, project investment and construction, multi-energy operation service as well as investment and financing.

Our Performance

For long, we have been constantly strengthening management standardizing operation in our business. Through adjustment and loss management measures as well as efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency, we have maintained steady annual growth. In 2018, our business income reached 2.0311 billion yuan and the company’s profit arrived at 169.4 million yuan.

Our business income was 1.6917 billion yuan, 1.8532 billion and 2.0311 billion yuan respectively in 2016, 2017 and 2018. And the company’s profit was 117.8 million yuan, 124.9 million yuan and 169.4 million yuan in that three years respectively.